Hangzhou Huaxing Chuangye Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing mobile communication network technology services and related products. It was successfully listed on the China Growth Enterprise Market in 2009 (stock code: 300025).The company is committed to developing innovative services and products in the field of mobile communications.  By improving the company's service execution capabilities and product R&D capabilities, the company is capable of providing high-quality and efficient services, advanced technologies and products to customers such as telecommunications operators, communications equipment suppliers, and etc. It is One of the leading companies in the communication network optimization industry.

Huaxing Chuangye's services and products cover many provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and overseas markets, and it is one of the companies with the widest service area in the industry.The company provides communication support services for major events and plays an important role in the communication support projects for major national events such as the G20 Summit and Wuzhen Summit.

The mobile communication technology services and products provided by Huaxing Chuangye include mobile communication network planning and design, engineering construction, room separation engineering, network foundation maintenance, network evaluation and optimization, wireless test systems (compatible with various technical standards from 2G to 4G, and NB-loT ),  wireless test terminal for mobile communication, signaling acquisition platform and network analysis and optimization software based on network big data, forming new advantages of products + services.

Huaxing Chuangye has ISO9001 and TL9000 quality management system certifications, and adheres to the quality policy of “advanced technology, first-class quality; excellent service, continuous improvement”, ensuring the quality of service and products.

Adhering to the corporate culture of "dedication, collaboration, and innovation", Huaxing people will always strive to devote themselves to the field of mobile communications. Through continuous innovative overall solutions, they will shape industry service brands and build Huaxing Chuangye into China's first-class "integrated mobile communication technology service provider". 



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