June 2003——The company was founded with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan and provides mobile communication test optimization services;
July 2008——The whole company was changed to a "company limited by shares" and the registered capital increased to 30 million yuan;
September 2008——The company was assessed as a high-tech enterprise;
October 2009——The company was listed on China's Growth Enterprise Market (stock code: 300025); 10 million shares were publicly issued with a total share capital of 40 million yuan;
May 2010——The company acquired 60% equity of Zhejiang Mingxun Network Technology Co., Ltd. through cash acquisition of equity and capital increase to take its control;
March 2011——The company acquired 60% equity of Shanghai Xinzhong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. through cash acquisition of equity and capital increase to realize its holding and develop indoor distribution products and services;
January 2013——The company initiated the establishment and holding of Hangzhou Xiangqing Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out communication network planning and design business;
October 2013——The company realized the holding of Zhuhai Yuanli Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. and increased the shares of Mingxun Network and Shanghai Xinzhong to 99%, and started the communication engineering construction business;
2014——The company obtained the qualification certificate for surveying and mapping;
2015——The company park was completed and the headquarters was relocated to 500 Binjiang Jucai Road;
November 2016——The company acquired 51% equity of Beijing Internet Harbor Technology Co., Ltd. through cash acquisition, and started to provide Internet data services;
August 2017——The company obtained internet data center value-added telecommunications services—IDC/ISP operating license;
2018——The wholly-owned subsidiary Xinzhong Telecommunications obtained the first-level qualification for general contracting of communication engineering construction.



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